It was just before midnight on April 14, 1912 and the R.M.S. Titanic was at the end of the fourth day into her maiden voyage. Just off the coast of Newfoundland, while most passengers slept peacefully, the ship struck a huge iceberg. Despite the collision, few believed the "unsinkable" ship was in real trouble.

So what did happen? We know she went down, but why? Who was in charge and what went wrong? The lives of so many people were changed by the event. Let's investigate a few websites and the printed material available in the Library Media Center. Who's who of the fateful trip and what are the true facts?

You and your partner will work together to locate the information necessary to solve the riddles of the Titanic's sinking. One partner should pull up Mrs. Mazzola's questions on their computer while the other partner keeps this page up. After pulling up the scavenger hunt go to "file" on the tool bar and click "save as". Save it as a rich text document onto the desktop. That way you will be able to type in your responses!

You should have no trouble answering all the questions using the linked sites and LMC material provided. If there is a question that you'd like to further investigate use a quality search engine such as Altavista, Ask Jeeves, or Google. Use specific keyword searching to make it easier.